The International Choir Academy Lübeck -
four continents, one sound

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“Never before has it been possible to unite in this form the sound of 15 nations from around the world.” (newspaper of the state Schleswig-Holstein)

Founded by its artistic director Rolf Beck in 2002 and unique in its structure and formation, the International Choir Academy Lübeck offers choral singing at its highest level with energy, enthusiasm and joy.

However, the real miracle of this choir happens when the young singers of all corners of the world (in last year’s Academy, 15 nations were represented) meet and after just a short while unite each of their individual voices into one homogeneous choir sound. 

“A choir sang here the likes of which has yet to be found.” (Holsteiner Courier)

Music is the common language which reaches across all borders. In this language, each of the up to 60 young singers is a pro and is among the best in their area of expertise. This excellence is then paired with an incredibly open and curious attitude towards the other, still unknown, voices and personalities, which quickly propels the ensemble up to a whole new level.

“The internationally cast choir demonstrated (…) an accomplishment of great distinction; only few choirs have the ability to bring such differentiation and beautiful timbres into their singing.” (Lübecker news service )

This high niveau is demonstrable, particularly when soloists step out of the homogeneous choir from time to time in order to sing particular parts in various works; thrilling and moving audiences with their incomparable voices.

“The fact that eight of the eleven soloists came from the choir, speaks volumes – and also that the choir sound remained wonderfully homogenous in spite of this concentration of soloistic quality” (Lübecker news service)

The International Choir Academy Lübeck – four continents, one sound.



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You can download the CV and pictures of the International Choir Academy Lübeck and of Rolf Beck here:

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