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The International Choir Academy - four continents, one sound.

Unique in its structure and formation, the International Choir Academy Lübeck offers choral singing at its highest level with energy, enthusiasm and joy.

Music is the common language is music, which serves as a bridge across all borders. In this language, each member of the choir is a pro and is among the best in his or her area of expertise. This excellence, paired with an extraordinary openness and curiousity towards the other, still unknown, voices and personalities, then quickly propels the ensemble up to a whole new level.

The International Choir Academy Lübeck – four continents, one sound.


Upcoming events

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Audition 2017

The auditions for the International Choir Academy Lübeck 2017 will be hold from January till March 2017.

We are looking forward to the new Academy members.


Members of the International Choir Academy bring with them Christmas songs from their home countries. Along with well-known German Christmas melodies, they are tied into a colorful bouquet of festive music from over 15 countries. Prepare to be surprised. Expected release in November 2017

Rolf Beck dirigiert die Internationale Chorakademie Lübeck e.V.